Sunday, March 30, 2008

Benefits Of Hillary Camping Gear

Hillary camping gear is distributed by Sears; some Sears locations will carry a full range of Hillary camping gear from sleeping bags to cabin tents. Hillary tents and sleeping bags are designed for recreation camping, they will protect people from most of the unfavorable elements which campers frequently incur.

Hillary tents are available in a range of sizes from a small dome two person tent to a larger cabin style tent that can accommodate ten or more. Choosing a tent size is an important decision, the manufacturers suggestions of how many people may sleep a tent may not factor in all elements of the people using the equipment.

Sears employees are trained to be able to assist their customers in selecting the best Hillary camping gear to meet their needs. Many stores have sample full size tents available throughout the United States and Canada, that will allow customers to view how large or small the tents are from the inside.

The very best way to know if a tent will meet a person’s or a group of people’s individual needs is for that person to actually enter the tent and visualize their sleeping area, gear placement, and other factors before purchasing the tent.

The sleeping bag in another piece of Hillary camping gear most campers won’t camp without using. There are two basic types of sleeping bags, the more traditional long rectangular type and a more fitted rounded type commonly known as mummy style.

Hillary camping gear also offers air mattresses for camping. These air mattresses will often come with two pillows and a repair kit for convenience and comfort. They are also affordable averaging between twenty and forty dollars.

Everyone Is A Critic

To every product which offers a low cost alternative in recreational or outdoor sports there are critics. Many serious and frequent campers did not like the performance of the Hillary camping gear they had purchased. This could be because the conditions which they were camping were not favorable or because the gear was used under too extreme of conditions for their design.

Hillary camping gear is not designed to weather well in extreme conditions such as severe raining, high winds, severe cold or cold weather storms, and extreme heat or drought. As a product for recreational camping it is designed for general camping in normal weather conditions.

Hillary camping gear may not be for everyone but they can be a practical choice for people looking for an inexpensive way to have a fun recreational adventure with friends or family members. Some simple preventive measures such as water sealing the tent before it is used and taking care with the structure poles will make owners of Hillary camping gear more satisfied with their product.

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